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Blue Economy Barometer
Welcome to the web-based platform that consolidates data from different industry sub-sectors of the Blue Economy, and compares several indicators for different countries. Through this observation instrument you can extract meaningful information, in an easy, fast, and reliable way.


PwC together with Fórum Oceano, Portugal’s Blue Economy Cluster, created this integrated digital platform to provide an integrated quantitative analysis of the overall Blue Economy trends and for each sector.

A unique aggregated vision of the Ocean
Know why this platform is so important for the sea knowledge.

One-stop-shop for Blue Economy data
Aggregates several key Blue Economy indicators from relevant data sources in a single platform.

Country & Sector comparability
Analysis countries and sectors allowing a comparable positioning using different filters.

Up-to-date blue knowledge
Updates periodically the different data sources (using APIs) to always permit the analysis of the more recent indicators of the different sources.

Sectorial views
Consolidates key sector indicators in a visual dashboard giving the possibility to understand trends, impacts and performance.

Ocean literacy
Provides specialised blue education based on interactive data to contribute for the right skills in order to take advantage of innovation and rapidly deploy blue technologies, attract talent and stimulate competitiveness.

Continuous improvements
Biannually, PwC intends, through the gathering of the Blue Economy community feedback, to review the dashboards in order to guarantee the key sector indicators are considered.

Blue Economy Barometer Platform

A unique vision for the future of the oceans.

If the Blue Economy were a country, it would represent the seventh economic power in the world by GDP. Adding its potential growth and emerging opportunities in a near future, with this Platform, we intend to contribute to the knowledge and blue literacy across the globe."

Cláudia Rocha

PwC Partner, Leader of the Blue Economy CoE

Our experience

Emblematic projects

These are the emblematic European Blue Economy projects with involvement of the PwC CoE.

Completed projects:

Atlantic Assistance
Mechanism for the AAP 2.0


To promote smart sustainable and inclusive growth for the Atlantic area (4 Member States: Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain) including 4 pillars to make the common vision a reality.



To boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the Blue Economy, by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups, enabled by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

Ongoing projects:

BlueInvest II


To increase the achievement of the community platform and generate more impact for the Blue Economy, by continuing to boost innovation and investment in sustainable technologies in two ways: (i) by supporting readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups (ii) by supporting investors in discovering and engaging with business opportunities in the Blue Economy.

Sea Basins
Assistance Mechanism


To promote a coherent integrated policy framework of 3 sea basins (the Atlantic, the Western Mediterranean, and the Black Sea) through a joint management mechanism while ensuring the maintenance of a targeted approach for each sea basin.

Other flagship projects

Since 2005 PwC has been observing and accompanying the economy of the sea, as well as organising relevant forums to promote knowledge, cooperation, information sharing and merit.


Excellens Mare

PwC Portugal considers that the recognition of excellence and merit in sea related activities is fundamental to the development of the economy of the sea in Portugal and in the World.



A social responsibility project to support the development of the sea economy in Portugal.



PwC Forward-Looking Blue Arena is a forward looking leadership forum about the oceans.

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The Blue Economy
Barometer in the World
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Cláudia Rocha

PwC Partner
Leader of the Blue Economy CoE

Pedro Duarte Guerreiro

PwC Director
Head of the Blue Economy CoE

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